TPS Dark fiber

TPS Dark Fiber offers the use of a backbone and metropolitan network managed by Telco Pro Services.

Ilustrační fotoOur company possesses and operates optical cables of more than 7,000 km. The optical network termination points are located mainly in energy facilities (transformer stations, substations and power stations) in regional, former district towns and also in other locations throughout the Czech Republic.

Who the service is for

  • Telecommunication operators and ISPs
  • Large and medium-sized companies
  • Private and public sector

Service parameters

  • Rent unlit fibers between 2 points
  • Optional fiber optic rental with high SLA parameters
  • Complex measurement of fiber parameters
  • Automatic provision of transshipment management in connection with construction activities, including administrative activities
  • Nonstop helpdesk and monitoring of leased fibers

Benefits of the service

  • Possibility of long-term contract
  • Independence of the transmission technology provider
  • Creation of own data network on leased fibers
  • Lower costs compared to building your own optical network
  • Extensive and continuously developed optical network
  • In certain cases there is also the possibility of realizing the so-called last mile

Technical support



Fiber type

Single-mode optical fiber type G.652 and G.657

Transfer Interface

Optical connector E2000 / APC or FC / PC


Map of availability