About company

Telco Pro Services, a. s. is a telecommunication operator whose business activities focus on providing telecommunication services primarily to customers in the Czech Rep., mostly CEZ Group companies. The product portfolio includes both public e-communication services and customer-oriented services tailored to customers’ individual requirements. The range of operations makes Telco Pro Services a company with significant market power on the telecommunication market.

The company owns and operates extensive telecommunication systems forming a technical base for a wide range of voice and data services. A major part of them consists of telecommunications tailored for customers from the energy sector and used, among other things, for industrial systems providing support for dispatch control of electricity generation and distribution. The systems are operated and administrated primarily by our own expert personnel, working in close cooperation with IT specialists from our parent company, CEZ ICT Services, a.s.  Currently, TPS operates more than twenty thousand landlines, data circuits and high-speed internet services.

We supply and operate complex and secure telecommunication solutions in comfortable quality and price. We are a member of the FENIX project, which aims to increase network security.

Telco Pro Services, a. s.

ID No.  291 48 278

VAT ID No.  CZ29148278

Mailing Address: Duhová 1531/3, Prague 4, 140 00

The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File 18830.

Telco Pro Services, a. s. (TPS), as a managed entity, is part of a group managed by ČEZ, a.s. as a controlling entity. This notification is made in accordance with the provisions of Section 79 (3) of Act No. 90/2012 Coll., On Business Corporations, as amended.



Telco Pro Services, a. s., was founded in December 2012 as a subsidiary of CEZ ICT Services, a. s., spinning off its telecommunication networks operations into a separate company in order to optimize the delivery of telecommunication services to CEZ Group. With the range of its operations, the company builds on the activities of companies and operating units that provided telecommunication services to energy companies in the previous two decades.

In a merger effective from 1 July 2015, Telco Pro Services, a. s. acquired SINIT, a.s., a subsidiary of CEZ ICT Services, a. s. 

This process boosted the company’s existing service capacities and expanded the portfolio of provided services to include activities relating to the servicing of control systems and ripple-control systems for ČEZ Distribuce, a.s.

Company’s vision

The vision of Telco Pro Services, a. s. is to be the major provider of telecommunication services within CEZ Group, align its business activities with the Group’s requirements, and maintain and develop its competence to provide segment-specific services for the energy/utility market in the long run. The main building block is the extensive telecommunications network spread out geographically in five regions of the Czech Republic, and its operation creates conditions for further use. Free transfer capacity is offered, along with its application for offers of telecommunications services on the open market. We want to be a leading and competitive provider of telecommunication services on the Czech market, appealing mainly to such customers as telecommunication operators, service providers and large corporations.


Our dominant orientation toward CEZ Group customers has a crucial influence on the definition of the long-term business strategy of Telco Pro Services, a. s., affecting most significantly our product strategy, our operational procedures putting great emphasis on quality and our deployment of technologies to meet a wide range of requirements emphasizing high operational reliability. Great deals of our services are oriented toward supporting telematic applications, i.e. providing telecommunications for data transmissions between control and measurement systems.

Another of the company's strategies is development of a structure of services that are typically demanded by the telecommunications market. In this regard, the company aims to align its portfolio of services with demand from telecommunication operators and service providers and with the wholesale business model overall, and to make its offer attractive to medium-sized and large businesses especially in the energy, industrial, public administration, and business sectors.

Leased data circuits, services for operators and ISPs

The sufficient transmission capacities and good qualitative parameters of its telecommunication networks allow the company to offer its services on the telecommunication market. Telco Pro Services a.s. therefore can offer leasing of data bandwidth, create a private virtual network, internet connections or leasing of fibre optics. The company’s primary business orientation is on telecommunication operators and internet service providers, applying a wholesale model.

To meet our customers’ individual requirements, we also offer custom solutions extending up to corporate network environments that require added value in the form of design, construction, administration, and operation, including servicing.

Service and support play an important role in the provision of telecommunication services. High demands placed by customers from the energy sector on the quality of services required us to create a robust service model based on deep knowledge of our own technical personnel working 24/7. This created the conditions for SLA-based service delivery, guaranteeing precisely specified parameters for service levels.